Far East

Your own slice of paradise

Across the Far East, you’ll find an intoxicating blend of ancient and ultra-modern, rainbow colours and glinting gold, fragrant spices and scented jasmine. From the excitingly cosmopolitan cities of Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur to tiny white sand islands, there’s a holiday here to fulfil every dream. Ruined temples, palm-fringed beaches, jungle waterfalls and vibrant markets… you’ll find it all in South East Asia.

Be prepared for a tantalising taste sensation as a multitude of influences combine bringing together key ingredients such as garlic, coconut milk and lemongrass, to create signature dishes not to be missed. Tuck into to Pad Thai in Thailand, Nasi Goreng in Bali, Pho in Vietnam and chilli crab in Singapore. Dine in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants or live like a local and visit the many street vendors offering their own take on these classics.